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Sasa Builder is looking forward to participate in the upcoming INNOVATION 2011 Conference, organized by McGraw-Hill Construction Events. The conference will probably take place in New York, somewhere in December 2011
Sasa Builder is an active participant at the construction equipments auction mainly organized by Municibid and RB Auctions.
As a general contractor, Sasa Builder takes the responsibility for the day-to-day oversight of the construction site, and management of vendors and trades. In addition, keep things focused and clear throughout the course of project.

We have the ability to provide all of the material, labor, equipment, (engineering vehicles and tools) and services necessary for the construction of the project. In order to get these tasks done, we may hires more specialized subcontractors to perform portions of the renovation work.

Home remodeling projects come in many sizes and shapes - from updating the kitchen, bath and basement to undertaking a large-scale renovation. And to complete projects like this on time, within budget and on schedule, it really makes sense to hire an experienced home renovation company which is as good as Sasa Builder.

Though tastes and budgets vary, weve tried to provide a wide spectrum of choices for you to enjoy in any room, any style, any finish. From Kitchens to Bathrooms, From Basements to Bedrooms wed love to talk about some of the new and exciting opportunities, give us a call today.  
Taking care of rental properties can be a real headache, especially when things go wrong:
  • a water heater breaks
  • a faucet wont stop dripping
  • theres an electrical short that needs to be tracked down
  • the building safety check needs to be completed
  • the lot needs to be plowed
All of these things come across your plate from time to time. And, to be honest, your plate is already pretty full. Sasa Builder can help.

Our building maintenance crews can provide you with a fast response, bringing along the tools and the skills needed to address the problem of the moment. There are no long-term contracts and no monthly commitments. That means you call us as you need us, when you need us. Yes, its a novel approach, but its worked for us for the past many years. Give us a call today to see how we can help you maintain your properties and a little more of your peace of mind.
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